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Hey all !!! We now have 200 members ^^ I hope you all stay and uses the repacks and that we will get more members.

Some about the repack.

The repack have now lots of bug fixes, this came in the revision 101. For example the spell army of dead is now working more as it should. And raise dead are also working.

I will still try to update the repack atleast one time in a week ;)

I also developing a Hearthstone repack that supports 3.0.8. It's for the aspire lovers :)

The New WOW patch 3.1

When the next patch comes, then don't patch wow to it. Not before i say that the repack supports it, i will post a news when it dose. This is just to give you a warning so that you don't get many problems later.

Guides and tutorials.

I have mad two tu ... Read more »
Views: 1461 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-03-02 | Comments (0)

Hey all!!
I have heard that some one shared my repack on other sites, you know who you are :P
It's not a problem, but i would like to know where you share it. And when you share it please give Credits and a link to morphex-gaming.
And also post a comment on the repack that you share, include link to the site.


Morphex repack SVN

I posted your repack at ac-web. (And a direct link if you want to post it)

Thats all in the comments field you need to post.

It's just so i know.
Views: 1304 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-02-13 | Comments (0)

I know that the blizzlike server had some great issues, but they are now fixed. So if you update your server, then the update will be on around 10 mb. And it also support the minor patch that came out.
Views: 1228 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-02-11 | Comments (0)

So i and a friend of my have been testing and using the repack. And we found out that the death knight are nothing else then a huge bug. So please if you find more bugs, of any type, please post them in the bugs section at the forum.

Best Regards Morphex.

Views: 928 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-02-05 | Comments (0)

Today i released the Morphex Repack SVN. They of you have updated Morphex Repack (3.0.3) don't need this release, you already got it!! But they of who are new could try it out.
Views: 1158 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-02-02 | Comments (0)

Okey i added the funnserver realm!!! In this first release a mall will be spawned at GM island and there are a huosing system, YAY!!.
To get to the gm island type   .recal port gmisland
And to the house type    .recal port house
Views: 1250 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-01-27 | Comments (0)

Today i released a poll. If it comes to that you want two realms you will have to wait a long time before the second realm will be released. Note that the funnserver will probably not be as stable as the blizzlike because the funnserver would be some more difficult to update.

Post comments to this news about what you think i should include in the funnserver.

Regards Morphex.

PS: I am already working on the Funnserver.
Views: 1150 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-01-27 | Comments (0)

Not much this time, i just added the whole list of GM commands in tutorials and guides. I hope it help you. If you get any question or some thing related to it, then just post a comment at that post not this one.'

By the way, if you need help please post in the forum.
Views: 919 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-01-25 | Comments (0)

YAY!!! Today we reached 100 members. Nice to see that we grove. Hope you stay at morphex-gaming and use the repacks.
Views: 1224 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-01-24 | Comments (2)

Okey so blizzard released a new patch, 3.0.8 (9464). This results in problems with the private servers as normal, they do not yet support the new patches. So you will have to wait until i say the morphex repack (3.0.3) supports the new patch until then i will have to work and try to update the repack so you can acces the new patch.

If you have patched i will post a de-patch guide in the publisher.

Note: SVN version of Morphex Repack (3.0.3) will support 3.0.8 when the new update comes, today or tomorrow. :)
Views: 1268 | Added by: morphex | Date: 2009-01-22 | Comments (1)

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