7:24 PM
Please post in the Forum.
6:04 AM
So i followed the guide to make my server public, and i did everything word for word. I can log in from my computer thats hosting arcemu, but my friends and my other computers cant log in... plz help!
8:03 PM
Look in the forums, and then tutorials wink
7:44 AM
How do you add acounts to the DB? Nothing I try works.
5:52 PM
No you don't need to do that. Unless the repack have the same name.
7:32 AM
should i delete my old repack if i want to use a dif one?
9:09 AM
Just use the same account.
2:24 AM
Whats the account and pass for funserver?
3:56 PM
Again update it.
3:25 AM
The minor patch? it keeps telling me "Unable to verify patch bla bla.."
9:44 AM
Try to update your repack. It should support the newest patch.
3:19 AM
Cause right now it doesnt work
3:18 AM
When is the recent hotfix patch gonna be released ?
9:56 AM
Publisher = tutorials and guides. I changed the name smile
9:28 AM
where is publisher?