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9:16 AM
Okey so blizzard released a new patch, 3.0.8 (9464). This results in problems with the private servers as normal, they do not yet support the new patches. So you will have to wait until i say the morphex repack (3.0.3) supports the new patch until then i will have to work and try to update the repack so you can acces the new patch.

If you have patched i will post a de-patch guide in the publisher.

Note: SVN version of Morphex Repack (3.0.3) will support 3.0.8 when the new update comes, today or tomorrow. :)
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Great job on keeping up with blizz and making the private realms accessable biggrin Just wanted to know if you would post the de-patch guide as blizz has come out with another patch today wacko

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